Dr. Dre - “Test My #Detox” lyrics

“Test My #Detox” lyrics


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Song: “Test My #Detox” Artist: Big Ron-Loc Album: #HostileAndHungry6 (The Mixtape) Producer: Dr. Dre Verse 1 All black caddillac waiting on them nigas that said That They was really on this gangsta rap shyt Them feds is really watching n***a How the f** you on the camera with a chop And ain't letting off shots n***a Every real one I seen was running While the chopper in the sky was shooting, rounds was launching My n***as pimp that artillery, to hunt down paper Mayweather out the ring nothing but another caper n***as speaking on loc nothing but another hater Catch them slipping switching lanes and TMZ update em I'm Somethin like Rick Ross not a flashy a** rap toy Even in the streets I keep a low profile boy Po inverted, bit me at age 16 14 generations later its the same thing 14 generations fore heads with red beams Bith the general on point, I Beats armys down The town crown my ground the frowns bound to drown The sound found I pound you down clown And f**ing with me never, rhyming mirror busting berettas Fort knox lock down the rap game about cheddar ILL, I spit sh** that come back like 2 pac deals The closest ever to a rap god rest in peace and Still Secured contracts bigger than his foes from the grave So how the f** funk flex miss that bet I won't with the kay n***as better watch what the f** they say And every body that f** with you after that get it the same way At night or caught on clock middle of broad day Beef till pac come back and say the sh**s ok Rappers really love pac how they miss that sh** The main fact y'all punk a** don't like me b**h So I give the amount of a f** about they opinion Of a muthaf**in new born insect pissin No more spitting bars now its rounds out a tank Aftermath tip of the barrel busting where them n***as thank Big bad a** Ron-Loc started moving for dre Humans listen how I'm gone watch what the f** I say I've already detoxed Im ok I threw my smoking drinking and popping habits away But then it marked the moment my competition was striking Simultaneously followed by they mark a** ignited My style hangs in front of my balls don't bite it By the way I relapsed you b**h I couldn't fight it When I rap about a gun its just so you can understand it Grown men sh** piss and faint when they whitnessing what i brandish Im landing these out landishly gifted scripted ridiculously jab lines I want beats in the trunk f** alpine Im doing n***as beats weekend s** with nicki Grand finally minaj while I tea bag iggy Used to s**ing cause she like tip flow You a loser like the lakers when nick young signed on Big Snoop Dogg better hope I never find Homes Google n***as block and browse it heated fully loaded chrome Told n***as Dont f** with ya boi ron-loc I'm Dope snoop approved the smoke ya skinny a** hoe You caint get hi off your own supply Or hustle with anybody that moves like I Have you ever looked a real k**er in they eyes And survived when n***as drive by letting them fly You a real pimp tell me what that make yo wife Definition of the boss lady in your life And it ain't come from me cause you said yourself Hella old and contradicting thats bad for your health Like father like son cube and OMG Street creed came from mack 10 and big WC Since 06 cube and snoop sound like me Trying to sell it to the public for the people can see 20 years public gangsters how the f** the feds miss y'all Simple a** math y'all p**y a** n***as frauds

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