Eminem - Wake Up lyrics

Wake Up lyrics


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[Verse: Obie Trice] They say he was a monster from birth, so f** it, I'll just a lean warn-os them hoes I suppose O took on the street life Even though my mother told me I could be otherwise Wasn't the school type, I was too cool My agenda wasn't general education, n***a Generalizing Obie's expectations It was like, a cucoo in twenty-twos Bad news my n***a, pa** the brew Cause in a week we be pouring a gla** for you So rapidly homies become causualties We was just playing Madden Now a n***a sad for his family, that's how it happens Dudes get blasted, another casket Another child becomes a fatherless ba*tard Make a n***a wanna grab this rachet It's so tragic, and Obie can't get past it And you wonder why a n***a'll flash it Just to show these demons that I ain't having it Put 'em beneath the gra** in a flash Homie I'm from the craft And to make it where I'm at, that's called Soldierism Real n***as notice em, they wanna flow with 'em Wanna do major shows with 'em Get the f** out the ghetto with 'em Heavy metal, leave a n***a twisted, don't fret This is the set we live in But I ain't crying or whining about my environment Even though black folk is dying constant n***as'll shoot you unconscious With no conscience, until you lose conscience Conscious, and pompous white folk think I'm just rhyming Just designing lines, just for the sake of shining Like I just speak violent applying to the business I'm in Rewind and find him in a dirty a** hood with no sight of climbing Moving on up was just The Jeffersons Rest of us watching the tube got less then them So why you vexing him? Why you stretching him out? He got the weapon all because his whereabouts Born and raised, mental slaves And I don't see change before I'm seeing the grave All I see is my homies corpse decay Crying at his wake, can't recognize his face Face it, you not identifying with me My identity distorts ya visibility So you can't see me, peep what he's achieving You recieve information from TV I'm in the hood, I live it you read about it Rest in peace Peezy Please believe Obie eyes've seen The Wire Prior to what you seeing on the screen I done been in and out of the bing Lost n***as to unfortunate things That's why, praise the Lord I'm still on the scene Praise the Creator who made human beings Just for creating a n***a like me A n***a that put the umph in G, yeah [Hook: Eminem & Obie Trice] (2X) (Wake up) I try to reach out but you won't (Wake up) My brothers and sisters, we got to (Wake up) 'Fore you stuck in the system, and then you (Wake up) Reality hits you, before you can (Wake up)

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